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Getting Started

Everything about Shopflow is simple and flexible, just like the following getting started process.

If anything about this process doesn't make sense or is cumbersome,
let us know, we want to streamline it and make it better.

Getting Started: FAQ

Schedule a Demo

Discover how you can organize and display jobs with Shopflow so that you can streamline your shop and escape the chaos!

This is the best way for you to find out more about Shopflow and determine if Shopflow is a good fit. We only want to offer Shopflow where the value will far exceed the investment, and you think it's absolutely worth every penny! 

Use the link below to schedule your Shopflow demo.

Follow up with a Shopflow consultation

Once we have determined that Shopflow will be a good fit, we'll schedule a longer consultation, up to half a day.

During this time we'll gather info and provide as much value as we can. Often times we can eliminate some daily frustrations during our first session.

The goal is to gain trust on both sides. You want confidence that Shopflow will work for your shop, and that we know what we are doing. We want to make sure that you will put the work into streamlining your shop, and most importantly, we want to make sure you are fun to work with :)

Use the link to schedule a Shopflow consultation.

Commit to a Shopflow Membership and Implementation Plan

At this stage, the next step is to commit to a Shopflow membership plan and implementation package.

Monthly Membership Plan:

We will send you an invoice for the first month of your membership, and start the subscription one month after we go live.

Annual Membership Plan:

We will send you an invoice for 50% of the membership before we get started with the remainder due one month after we go live.

Implementation Packages:

It is not required to sign up for an implementation package, but it is highly recommended. The payment process is similar to the annual membership, 50% down with the remainder due one month after we go live.

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